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About CS Performance Injectors

 CS Performance is an industry leader in custom EFI technology. Our state-of-the-art factory uses only ASNU flow benches in our certified ASNU service center. Our flow technicians are experienced mechanics who have been in the industry for over 20 years, so you can feel confident that your fuel injectors are being tested and rebuilt properly. 

Our goal since starting this business is to provide top-quality auto parts to customers at a fraction of the price that they are at local auto parts stores. This is what has driven our business to success, and what keeps us going in this increasingly flooded market.



In our 20+ years of business, we have developed and mastered a proprietary fuel injector sourcing & rebuilding process: 

  • We start by using only OEM brand injectors that we source from partners we have worked with and built a solid foundation of trust with for over a decade. The cores we use are pre-sorted and selected as the highest quality without any major flaws or damage. Each set of injectors is put through the reman process only after the order comes in to insure that they are at their peak performance when they are received by our customers.
  • The actual rebuild process consists of removing all the old components, then cleaning the injectors both inside and out in ultrasonic tanks using a pulsing method. Then, they are individually pulsed and back-blown to remove any debris from inside and prepare the injectors for the conditioning fluid they are later flowed in.
  • Next, they receive brand new components and are set up on a rail on one of our ASNU machines for flowing. Our lead technician, who has owned and operated the company for 15 years, is the only person who flows the injectors. This step consists of checking for leaks and making sure that the injectors are flowing within spec. The electrical impedance is also checked. We use a proprietary fluid for flowing which conditions the injectors and helps prevent them getting stuck opened or closed.
  • We flow match the injectors on the bench and get a set that are within 3-5% of each other (5% is factory standard). This means that the injectors will work like-new and possibly have an even closer flow match than brand new OEM injectors. We also offer advanced flow-matching if you want to ensure that your injectors are flowing within 0-1% of each other. The advanced flow matching service will come with the flow result documentation.
  • Once the injectors are completely cleaned, tested, flow-matched, rebuilt, and conditioned, we start the packaging process. They are sealed to lock in the conditioning fluid. Then, they are boxed up individually in our custom professional CS Performance injector boxes. Then, they are wrapped in a thick layer of bubble wrap, and packaged in the proper shipping vessel.


We follow up all of our sales with industry leading customer service, and a Lifetime Warranty. We stand behind our products and value our customers' 100% satisfaction.