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CS Performance Fuel Injection FAQ

1. What is the difference between genuine OEM brand fuel injectors vs. the cheaper "brand-new" aftermarket parts:‚Äč

With the recent flooding of Chinese knockoff injectors that have reached the market, it has become increasingly more important to separate our factory and products from the competition. From just skimming the web, it can be hard know the difference between genuine OEM brand core rebuilt fuel injectors versus Chinese knockoff "brand new" fuel injectors. CS Performance is among the very few companies in this price range that provides quality, genuine fuel injectors that will have a flow match rate of 3-5% or better and will function like brand new. When comparing a rebuilt OEM fuel injector with a "brand new" Chinese knockoff injector, the rebuilt OEM injector will always come ahead with a closer flow-match, precision laser cut nozzle plates, better atomization, and reliable functionality for years as opposed to days.


2. Is there a warranty?

Yes. We back all of our injectors with a lifetime warranty. Below is the fine print:

This item is covered by CS Performance Lifetime Warranty. CS Performance remanufactured products are warranted to the original owner only against manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the product. If a product covered by this warranty fails due to a manufacturing defect, we will repair or replace the units affected. Only original unaltered and unmodified product and workmanship are covered by this policy. This warranty does not cover damage caused by accident, improper care, negligence, or unsanitary installation conditions. Damage not covered by this warranty may still be repaired for a reasonable rate. All shipping costs and expense incurred will be the sole responsibility of the buyer. CS Performance LLC Holds no liability for any damages caused by improper or careless use of this product. CS Performance cannot be held liable for return packages lost in transit.  All warranty claims must be returned to CS Performance for warranty work. No refunds or credits will be given for warrantied product under any circumstances. All items returned under warranty MUST include original sales receipt, no exceptions. CS Performance reserves the right to make changes, modifications, or improvements to returned warrantied product. Only warrantied product is covered, no other vehicle components, installation fees, or other fees incurred will be covered for any reason.  By purchasing this item, you agree to the aforementioned terms.


3. What are CS Performance "remanufactured" fuel injectors? What is the rebuild process?

We start by using only OEM brand injectors that we source from partners we have worked with and built a solid foundation of trust with for over a decade. The cores we use are pre-sorted and selected as the highest quality without any major flaws or damage. Each set of injectors is put through the reman process only after the order comes in to insure that they are at their peak performance when they are received by our customers.

The actual rebuild process consists of removing all the old components, then cleaning the injectors both inside and out in ultrasonic tanks using a pulsing method. Then, they are individually pulsed and back-blown to remove any debris from inside and prepare the injectors for the conditioning fluid they are later flowed in.

Next, they receive brand new components and are set up on a rail on one of our ASNU machines for flowing. Our lead technician, who has owned and operated the company for 15 years, is the only person who flows the injectors. This step consists of checking for leaks and making sure that the injectors are flowing within spec. The electrical impedance is also checked. We use a proprietary fluid for flowing which conditions the injectors and helps prevent them getting stuck opened or closed.

We flow match the injectors on the bench and get a set that are within 3-5% of each other (5% is factory standard). This means that the injectors will work like-new and possibly have an even closer flow match than brand new OEM injectors. We also offer advanced flow-matching if you want to ensure that your injectors are flowing within 0-1% of each other. The advanced flow matching service will come with the flow result documentation, however to keep costs low for all customers the standard 3-5% flow match does not come with the printout.


4. What is advanced flow matching? What is the difference between 3-5% flow matching and 1% flow matching?

The ECU controls your injectors as a set. So if they are imbalanced at all, you will have some cylinders that are flowing slightly rich and some flowing slightly lean. The closer they are, the less waste. So, the closer the flow-match that you have the better mpgs you will get. All of our sets are dynamic flow matched to 3-5% of each other during our standard remanufacturing process, but this does not come with documentation. We offer advanced 1-2% flow matching which does include documentation. This is $80 for the advanced flow matching. The percentages are how closely the injectors are flow matched to one another. The closer that the injectors flow to one another, the more precise the entire fuel system will be which makes it more efficient. This improved efficiency manifests as better fuel mileage and a smoother engine. As far as which option is correct, the choice is entirely up to the customer based on their individual needs and budget.


5. Is there a core charge?

We do in fact have a Core Return service that we offer to customers. This is an optional service that is not required. When you order a set of fuel injectors from us, eligible part numbers will have a paper slip inside the shipping box. This paper slip will have all of the additional information regarding the return of your old cores for a varying price (depending on the part number you are looking to send in).

If your old cores are not eligible to be returned, you will not receive this paper slip within the shipping box, and no further action is required.